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“Online accountability is a key performance tool for the remote worker. Thanks [Luca and Wenlin] for your work.”

Thomas Wadham-Gagnon

For one and a half years, Luca and Wenlin have been running this as a face-to-face meetup, every Tuesday evening, first in Singapore and later in Turin. Due to the recent pandemic restrictions, Tuesday Tribe recently moved online.

What is it?

During Tuesday Tribe, participants tap into the power of group accountability to get themselves to work on a personal project they have been procrastinating.

It works like this:

  • At a predetermined time, all participants log in to a Skype call.
  • We go in a circle, saying name, city and what individually plan to do during the next hour (examples: apply to a job, write a blog post, work-out, clean your room, send that email to that client – whatever).
  • We log off from the call and work on it.
  • After 1h30, we log in the Skype call again and we go in circle once more, saying what progress we made against our personal project.

How do I join?

It’s free to participate.

Follow these steps:

  • Click here to download a calendar invite to know the time of the next call (it’s every Tuesday at 10pm Singapore time).
  • Download Skype on your laptop, phone or iPad.
  • At the time marked on the calendar invite, follow the link contained in the calendar invite to join the call.

If you have any question, message @DellAnnaLuca on Twitter or Tuesday Tribe Torino on Facebook.

Some participants from the last calls:

  • Ivo from Sweden wrote a job application
  • Felix from Chile did an online assessment
  • Sagos from Colombia registered an audio
  • Vikas from India worked on a webinar
  • Thomas from Canada edited a video
  • Xin Ye from Singapore wrote a letter
  • Martina from Italy practiced yoga
  • Luca from Italy published a blog post
  • Wenlin from Singapore created an online event
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