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What is Be | Become | Belong?

A life well-lived is one in which we are one with our Selves, continually growing our Skills, and fostering our Relationships.

But most of us struggle to bridge the gap between our Current & Future Selves. We succumb to procrastination and battle stagnation in our Skills. We leave our Relationships to chance. We live through the mundanity of modern life with an exhausted body and weary mind.

This is why we created Be | Become | Belong: a 3 step program that incorporates Movement, Behavioral Psychology and Design Thinking to nourish the body and stimulate the mind.

We hope that with through sharing these ideas and methods, with practice, you may become ready: one with your Self, continually growing your Skills and enjoying your Relationships. Ready for a life well-lived.

You can find this program in spaces around the globe, online (coming soon).

Luca & Wenlin

Luca & Wenlin are the masterminds behind Be | Become | Belong. Together they create wellness programs for corporates, festivals and resorts. Most recently they have presented workshops at Obonjan island Resort and Brighton Yoga Festival.

Luca Dellanna is an independent behavioral researcher, published author of 5 books, and part-time lecturer at the University of Genoa who helps people gain clarity of thought through personal consulting, workshops and courses. Previously, he was a consultant at DuPont, one of the largest consulting firms globally.

Wenlin Tan is an established Yoga instructor, artist and writer who is passionate about helping people cultivate self-growth through art, writing and yoga. She is a resident teacher at YogaUnion, Turin’s leading yoga studio and has had her work featured at Emerging Writer’s Festival 2019 and Singapore Art Week 2019.

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